By Serena Holmes

Uncover a lucrative approach to wealth-building and secure financing for your business as you dive into this episode with Serena Holmes, who will share expert insights on private loans, real estate investing, and business exit strategies. Listen until the end to establish a quicker route to investment success! To listen in on the episode, CLICK HERE.

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • A real estate investor’s guide to navigating the private lending business
  • How do syndicated mortgages work? 
  • Advantages of implementing SEO and outsourcing tasks in your business
  • Key considerations before exiting your business
  • The importance of finding the right investor network 

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

About Serena Holmes

Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, Serena ran her own multi-award-winning brand experience agency called Tigris Events for nearly 18 years. She grew to ten full-time staff at their head office in Pickering and over 2,200 part-time staff nationwide. She merged with another agency in February of 2023 to take the business to the next level, freeing up her time to focus on working as a REALTOR® and active real estate investor. 

Between taking courses/exams to obtain her real estate licenses throughout covid, Serena was also going through rounds of editing for her book, The Accidental Entrepreneur, which came out in October of 2021. Aside from work, Serena resides in Pickering with her husband and daughter. She is passionate about her family, traveling, health/fitness, wildlife, and sustainability.

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