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best ever cre product

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Fairless for his Best Ever Commercial Real Estate Podcast. My episode, which focused on passive income, aired on Dec. 28/22. Throughout the interview, we chat about my passive investing experience, the lessons I’ve learned from investing with different groups, and the successes and challenges faced along the way.


To listen in to my biggest podcast yet, go to: https://www.bestevercre.com/podcast/how-to-earn-passive-income-through-private-lending

Joe Fairless is a former-advertiser-turned-real-estate-investor who now controls over $2.7 billion worth of commercial real estate as co-founder of Ashcroft Capital. He has written three authority books on commercial real estate investing, which include advice from some of the most successful people in commercial real estate.

Joe also hosts the longest-running commercial real estate investing advice podcast, The Best Ever Show which airs seven days a week and has over 30 million downloads. 


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the s factor podcast

On The S Factor podcast, they host interviews with business owners and professionals from across the globe to offer an insight into the success factors which make them the best. Each interview provides you actionable items which can be implemented today to take your venture or career to the next level. In my episode, we discuss everything from small business and entrepreneurship to my book, The Accidental Entrepreneur and the success I have had as a real estate investor and private lender. To watch the episode, click here.

business at citywatch | iheart radio

Business At Citywatch takes listeners through the in‘s & out‘s of business, by interviewing people who make business work for them everyday. Listen below


To listen in to this podcast, listen below

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online dinner party podcast on podtv

I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with Marc Lee, host of Online Dinner Party on PodTV. We discuss a wide range of topics including what it was like running a business from such a young age, how I came around to publishing my book and the experiences that took me down the path of real estate investing. Take a watch!


passive income opportunity discussed on the pineapple podcast

Have you ever wondered how you can invest in real estate when you simply don’t have the time? I’m here to share a unique investing strategy that the average person is likely unaware of. With this said, I had the privilege of being on the Pineapple Podcast with Mitch Parmasar recently! Throughout our discussion, I shared how I was able to develop a 

number of passive income streams through real estate investing, namely due to private lending.

To learn more about this unique investment strategy & how it saved me when my event services business was deemed non-essential (rendering it almost completely inoperable) during the covid lockdown, listen in!

During our chat, we talk about:
– what I was doing prior to the pandemic & how I was introduced to this concept
– accessing the equity in your home to generate income
– diversifying risk when you’re the ‘passive partner’ in a deal
– smart ways to leverage & manage income earning debt
– how private lending gave me the ultimate gift of time – to be home with my daughter when she was an infant, to obtain my real estate license & to edit/publish my book, The Accidental Entrepreneur

Although long term equity in assets is the focus for the majority of investors, for me, cash flow was more important for me during this particular period of time. Over the past 4.5yrs, I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of 50 private lending deals. My goal is to move towards the purchase of a multi-family property next year.

I don’t say any of this to impress you, rather to impress upon you, the kinds of things that are possible.

Hats off to all of the brokers I’ve worked with who have helped structure some of these deals along with the borrowers, who are in some cases, active partners in the process of renovating their rental properties. In other situations, they may need to satisfy a short term need, such as paying off a line of credit so their new mortgage can close or business owners who require capital.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to know I’m part of a mutually beneficial, reciprocal arrangement which gives them the upfront cash flow they need to fulfill their needs along with steady cash flow for me, to support my lifestyle.

For the full episode, click the link in my bio & select YouTube or go directly to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDBMkWo5U9A


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the brian crombie radio hour

I had the pleasure of being interviewed with Dylan Suitor on The Brian Crombie Radio Hour on sauga 960AM at 6pm on Wed., Aug. 3 to talk about what’s happening in the real estate market right now. Throughout the hour, we discuss how the Bank of Canada’s mortgage rate increases are impacting the real estate market – and what this means for buyers,

 sellers and renters.

To watch the interview, click here.

About Us!

– Serena Holmes, former CEO of a multi award winning brand experience agency turned licensed REALTOR® with Harvey Kalles. She has been an active real estate investor for over 10 years with a large focus on private lending and recently published the book “The Accidental Entrepreneur” at the end of 2021.

– Dylan Suitor , founder and rainmaker of Elevation Realty Network, #7 for sales volume in Keller Williams Canada focusing heavily on investors and apartment buildings. He is actively “buying the dip” and has a positive long term outlook on the real estate market in Ontario.

The Brian Crombie Radio Hour is on at 6 pm nightly on @sauga960am 960 AM, streamed at www.Sauga960am.ca and on @CanadaOneTV Thursday. Videos and podcasts at www.briancrombie.com or on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNI04-ugbxCp4xsFyXaQIUg Podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNI04-ugbxCp4xsFyXaQIUg

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the now what pod

Serena was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but it tarnished. Her life fell apart when she was just four years old. After her parents divorce, Serena’s brother went to live with her father, while she remained with her mother. Then one day, when left unsupervised, her older brother died in a tragic accident. 


This event precipitated years of being bounced around between family members. Not living with her biological parents, Serena felt a drive to be self-sufficient, and has found entrepreneurial success. In the episode of The Now What Pod, Serena joins us to share her story. To listen, click here.

Topics Discussed:
– Serena’s childhood
– The accident that changed everything
– Learning of her brother’s death
– How children process death and grieve
– Survival
– Becoming financially independent
– Being an entrepreneur during the pandemic
– Becoming a mom during covid
– Shared custody

Buy The Accidental Entrepreneur – https://amzn.to/3navFzT

About Serena Holmes: 
Serena Holmes is the CEO of multi-award winning brand experience agency Tigris Events. She has spearheaded more than 12,000 brand building activations across Canada over the last 18 years.

In addition, she recently transitioned her real estate license and launched her first book, The Accidental Entrepreneur – which is part memoir, part “nuts and bolts” business book.

The book chronicles Serena’s experience going from surviving a difficult childhood to thriving as a self-styled, private enterprise, thriving entrepreneur.


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this is it actually podcast

Thanks to @thisisitactually podcast for having me on to talk about my best holiday ever!  During my first ten years in business, it was difficult to get away. Then two things changed – I transitioned my business to direct deposit AND I got a travel visa. Now I wasn’t chained to the business to send out pay cheques and I was able to offset a significant amount of the

cost to travel which gave me the opportunity to get away more. 

Work-life balance is incredibly important, so travel has always allowed me to reset and rebalance.
To take a listen, click here.


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at the heart of business

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Judith Tait on her show, “At The Heart of Business” which aired on Mon., Dec. 20.

The show focuses on women in business – their challenges and successes. As I chronicle in my book, I’ve had no shortage of those along with plenty of learnings and lessons.

To watch the episode, click here. (Note – I am the second guest so I am on about 15min into the show)

brilliance business interview

I have been taping lots of podcasts and interviews recently to promote The Accidental Entrepreneur. On Mon., Dec. 6, I had the pleasure of taping an episode of Brilliance Business with Mark Stephen Pooler.  We talked about lots of things that you’ll have to listen to for yourself – but here are some of the Q&A that we covered!What inspired you to write 

this book?

I was told by people my whole life that one day I’d have to write a book because of things that happened to me throughout my childhood. Although I wouldn’t wish some of these things on anyone, I know now that these challenges gave me the foundation I needed to become an entrepreneur, even if it was never something I thought of doing. 

– What kind of lessons can readers expect to read about in the book?

The book is packed with life lessons and of course, business lessons. These range from how to overcome grief and get out of bad situations to dealing with clients, employees and more. I share stories about what happened but reflect on what I could’ve done differently. Ideally I’d like people to get some solid take aways to help them in life and business.

– Did you learn anything when writing the book?

After publishing it, I had a family member who came to me with some new information about things that happened leading up to my brother’s death. I was well aware of the fact that he’d been home alone when he died – but I learned it wasn’t an isolated situation and he’d been left alone at least once, but more than likely, several other times.

– What kind of readers do you think will be interested in your book?

I think it’s really a book for everyone. I talk a lot about love and loss that I believe most people can relate to – then I also talk about the challenges opportunities that presented themselves and how I handled them. Most importantly, I talk about what I learned from them.

– What message are you trying to convey the most?

I think I’d like to convey a message of hope and no matter how bad a situation can seem at the time, it’s up to you to do your best to overcome it. You have to be accountable for your own life.

To watch, click here!


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I sat down with Leslie Hughes from Punch Media to talk about my journey in entrepreneurship, my recent pivot into real estate and of course, the launch of my new book, The Accidental Entrepreneur. To watch the interview, CLICK HERE. Enjoy!


More than three years after writing it and a year of editing, “The Accidental Entrepreneur” has officially launched and is available for purchase worldwide.

Throughout this journey, some people have asked me why I decided to write this book and I’d have to say that I wrote it for a number of reasons.

First of all, I had so many crazy things happen in my family throughout my childhood, that I’d been told over and over, “you have to write a book one day”.

Well, one day is finally here along with my book launch!

My personal life, as tragic and interesting as it may be, was important to include, but is not the focus of the book. Rather, I share how the things that happened to me shaped my personality, values and beliefs – all of which ultimately lead me down the rather unexpected path of entrepreneurship.

I never thought of running my own business and I didn’t start the business I own and have been running independently since 2008. I was offered an opportunity however. I took it and have molded and shaped it for years ever since.

No business trajectory progresses in a straight line. There are tons of challenges, lessons and bumps in the road along the way. With this said, “The Accidental Entrepreneur” highlights some of these lessons and important take aways that entrepreneurs can consider in their own business ventures.

I’ve always believed in making a positive impact and influence on other people’s lives. In this case, I hope that the personal stories and business anecdotes I’ve shared will do just that – from a self-help perspective or from the lens of a business owner. 

Thank you for your kind support with the success of my book launch. 

You can buy your copy at any of the online retailers listed below:
Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Kindle | Indigo Chapters | Smashwords | Apple Books

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