By Serena Holmes

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to feel inadequate despite proven accomplishments and success.

In my most open and vulnerable interview yet, on the Uplevel Podcast, we discuss how imposter syndrome and the limiting narrative of “I’m not good enough” showed up for me as I exited one business and transitioned into another.

Although successful in my previous business, my new venture revealed a fear of rejection. Take a listen to this episode to hear how we discover how my inability to separate my self-worth from my achievements is blocking the fulfillment and satisfaction I am seeking.

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Today’s Guest: Serena Holmes former CEO of a multi award winning brand experience agency turned author & licensed REALTOR®. She has been an active real estate investor for over 10 years with a large focus on private lending and currently serves clients looking to buy, sell and/or invest in Durham Region and Toronto. 

Main Business Issues: Transitioning from a successful exit into a brand new business 

Guest’s Key Insights And Takeaways!

As a long time entrepreneur who had a successful exit from her previous business Serena was transitioning into a new beginning inside the world of real estate.

This brought many hidden aspects of her head trash all circling around different versions of “I’m Not Good Enough”. How do you compete against so many other established professionals and start over?

It showed up as a fear of rejection in cold calling new clients, not being able to separate her self-worthiness from achievement and ultimately from finding the kind of growth and fulfillment she wants in her new venture.

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UpLevel Mind is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs eliminate the root cause of self sabotage and doubt inside their business so they can scale their venture and life feeling fulfilled and empowered. The show is a live coaching call recording where UpLevel Mind creator, Drasko coaches an entrepreneur guest through one central question – Are my business problems, actually me problems? 

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