Below are some testimonials from other I’ve worked with during my career.

By: John L

Serena has been great to work with! She’s quick to respond to requests, has a strong attention to detail, and was able to provide everything we needed in order to work together. I’m definitely looking forward to working with Serena again.

By: vanessa

Serena is a very impressive woman. I’ve known her for more than 10 years now and i can say without a doubt that she is one of the most hardworking people i have ever met. She knows how to surround herself with the best resources . She also keeps herself updated on everything new in the industry and this is really a skill in itself! Bravo Serena!

by: peter w

Serena is professional, hardworking and honest. She will do everything for her clients. I recommend her if you want a flawless home buying or selling experience. I promise you won’t be disappointed!



serena holmes


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