By Serena Holmes

I have been taping lots of podcasts and interviews recently to promote The Accidental Entrepreneur. On Mon., Dec. 6, I had the pleasure of taping an episode of Brilliance Business with Mark Stephen Pooler. 

We talked about lots of things that you’ll have to listen to for yourself – but here are some of the Q&A that we covered!

– What inspired you to write this book?
I was told by people my whole life that one day I’d have to write a book because of things that happened to me throughout my childhood. Although I wouldn’t wish some of these things on anyone, I know now that these challenges gave me the foundation I needed to become an entrepreneur, even if it was never something I thought of doing. 
– What kind of lessons can readers expect to read about in the book?
The book is packed with life lessons and of course, business lessons. These range from how to overcome grief and get out of bad situations to dealing with clients, employees and more. I share stories about what happened but reflect on what I could’ve done differently. Ideally I’d like people to get some solid take aways to help them in life and business.
– Did you learn anything when writing the book?
After publishing it, I had a family member who came to me with some new information about things that happened leading up to my brother’s death. I was well aware of the fact that he’d been home alone when he died – but I learned it wasn’t an isolated situation and he’d been left alone at least once, but more than likely, several other times.
– What kind of readers do you think will be interested in your book?
I think it’s really a book for everyone. I talk a lot about love and loss that I believe most people can relate to – then I also talk about the challenges opportunities that presented themselves and how I handled them. Most importantly, I talk about what I learned from them.
– What message are you trying to convey the most?

I think I’d like to convey a message of hope and no matter how bad a situation can seem at the time, it’s up to you to do your best to overcome it. You have to be accountable for your own life.

To watch, click here!

In addition, I was also a guest on Leadership Conversations with Jonno White from Australia. To take a listen to this interview as well, click here. Enjoy!

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