By Serena Holmes

More than three years after writing it and a year of editing, “The Accidental Entrepreneur” has officially launched and is available for purchase worldwide.

Throughout this journey, some people have asked me why I decided to write this book and I’d have to say that I wrote it for a number of reasons.

First of all, I had so many crazy things happen in my family throughout my childhood, that I’d been told over and over, “you have to write a book one day”.

Well, one day is finally here along with my book launch!

My personal life, as tragic and interesting as it may be, was important to include, but is not the focus of the book. Rather, I share how the things that happened to me shaped my personality, values and beliefs – all of which ultimately lead me down the rather unexpected path of entrepreneurship.

I never thought of running my own business and I didn’t start the business I own and have been running independently since 2008. I was offered an opportunity however. I took it and have molded and shaped it for years ever since.

No business trajectory progresses in a straight line. There are tons of challenges, lessons and bumps in the road along the way. With this said, “The Accidental Entrepreneur” highlights some of these lessons and important take aways that entrepreneurs can consider in their own business ventures.

I’ve always believed in making a positive impact and influence on other people’s lives. In this case, I hope that the personal stories and business anecdotes I’ve shared will do just that – from a self-help perspective or from the lens of a business owner. 

Thank you for your kind support with the success of my book launch. 

You can buy your copy at any of the online retailers listed below: | | Kindle | Indigo Chapters | Smashwords | Apple Books

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