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Protecting your home from the elements
Home Owner Tips

Protecting Your Home From The Elements

Protecting your home from the elements has always been important, but with escalating energy costs, it’s more important now that it’s ever been. With this

Home Owner Tips

Winter home safety tips

Winter safety tips for homeowners are extremely important for us Canadians.  While the sight of snow is a beautiful part of the season, it also

Tools Every Home Owner Needs

Tools every home owner should have. If you’ve just moved into your first home or will be soon, stocking up your toolbox may not necessarily

Home safety tips
Home Owner Tips

Home Safety Tips

Home safety tips are important to protect you and your family from unintentional accidents and injuries. Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of accidents

babyproof a home
Home Owner Tips

How to Babyproof a Home

How to babyproof a home when you have a little one on the way. If this is something you’ve been trying to figure out, I’m

Refinancing your Mortgage
Home Owner Tips

Reasons To Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage rates have been sitting at record lows for the past several years and while there is the chance they may continue to creep back

Winter Home Maintenance Tips
Home Owner Tips

Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter home maintenance. For those of us who live in Canada, we know that winter home maintenance is an extremely important part of being a

Home Owner Tips

Helpful Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Fall home maintenance tips are important for any home owner. With fall is in full swing, it’s a good idea to go through the following


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